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Online Marketers: How To Set Clear Goals

Goal setting for internet marketers

Online marketing success is elusive for many people. Anybody who has read a long internet marketing sales letter, watched a video of a 20-something internet guru driving a Ferrari & living in a mansion, or read the latest “overnight success” news article about the person making a billion dollars by selling their app to a global company, has had the same idea – “why not me?”

long term vs short term goals
Internet marketers have to fight between long term and short term goals

The main problem for this is that most of us think too short term. We see these success stories and we want the results, but we don’t appreciate the huge amount of goal setting (and hard work!) that took place to achieve those results.

Truth is, most of us struggle to think beyond lunch time – let alone where we want our online business to be in 6 months, 2 years or 5 years!

Keep a daily checklist to stay on track
Keep a daily checklist to stay on track

What medium you choose to write your goals is up to you and your own personal style – on paper or in a digital format such as Evernote, or even Excel. The main thing is that your list is easily accessible and easy to update. No point keeping your goals in a draw or in a folder on your device that you never open!

Keeping your goals list front-and-centre will help keep you focused on what you should be doing at any given time.

The best way I find is to chunk down your goals: what do you want to achieve this year? To achieve those yearly goals, what do you have to achieve this month? To achieve those yearly goals, what steps do you need to take this month? To achieve those weekly goals, what steps do you need to take TODAY?

By breaking down your bigger goals you will create a true action plan for yourself, and improve your success of accomplishing your goals.

Avoid the bright shiny objects!One of the biggest problems internet marketers face is the constant threat of “the shiny objects”. There are no shortage of new tools, WordPress plugins, “businesses in a box” and big promises of “easy money” that we can shift our focus from one thing to the next. The advantage of creating – and sticking to – a set of clear goals, allows you to say “NO!” to anything which doesn’t support your end game.

I’d also highly recommend unsubscribing from ANYBODY who emails you today with content that doesn’t  align with your goals, or who is constantly trying to sell you something you “just can’t live without”.

It’s not easy, but if you can force yourself to create clear & meaningful goals for yourself, it will save you potentially years of spinning your wheels – and give you a greater sense of control.